Things to Consider When Writing a Short Essay

Not sure how to write a short essay? Well, the process is similar to that of writing other academic papers, with one major exception. It should be approximately one page long or 500 words long. Because of its length, a short essay requires a captivating topic to pique the reader’s interest.  

An essay is a piece of writing that focuses on the author’s point of view. A short essay is commonly used as a quiet argument to express opinions on various themes and issues. Support or criticism, observations from daily life, and so on can all be involved in essay writing 


What is a short essay?  

The name is self-explanatory. A short essay is written in a small amount of time with limited words. The criteria for writing short essays are nearly identical to those for writing a standard extended essay. The length and the breadth of its thoughts are the crucial distinctions that need to be considered. Because this form of essay has a restricted word count, you must ensure that you use the correct words and ideas.  

Essays are categorized as formal or informal. Formal writings cover subjects such as serious goals, dignity, and organization. Self-revelation, humor, graceful language, and other characteristics identify informal writings.  


What is the length of a short essay?  

The length of a short essay is relatively short compared to other forms of writing. A reasonable rule of thumb is 3-4 phrases can be helpful while writing a short essay. If we write single-spaced, the length should be a minimum of half-page and a maximum of one page. In double-spaced work, it can stretch up to two pages. This content should be no more than 400 words long.  

Besides that, make sure to keep in mind that the introduction should be no more than five sentences long; it should be brief, informative, and engaging. Make a point about the topic’s urgency in the first sentence; persuade the audience that your article is worth reading.  

In most cases, keeping things simple is preferable. You can simply explain your information in a precise way for a better result. While the statement focuses on a specific topic, it can come from various sources with different mindsets.  

What is the significance of writing a short essay? 

Writing a short essay can assist you in a variety of ways. It aids in the development of logical reasoning and your unique writing style. It will become easier for you to write content for essays and other writing assignments after you have developed your own style of thinking and writing. So, if you want to become an outstanding academic writer, keep practicing.  

Short essay writing encourages critical thinking by requiring you to consider a subject and come to a conclusion. It motivates students to evaluate various arguments to develop more vital positions. Students learn to observe other perspectives and points of view through critical thinking.  

Short essays give you helpful feedback. Sometimes objective test scores don’t accurately reflect your student’s progress. On the other hand, essays can expose the depth and breadth of a student’s knowledge and incorrect conclusions.  

How many parts and paragraphs should be included in a short essay? 

The paper’s volume and style plays an important role in writing any content. It’s critical to remember how to format a brief essay. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the three primary components of the document that must be split. While the first and last paragraphs are brief and straightforward, the central section – the body – can span multiple paragraphs. Each argument you offer to support your position must be separated into its paragraph. So, depending on the length and subject of the essay, the text could have anywhere from three to five paragraphs. Keep in mind that the teacher may already specify the number of paragraphs required for a new assignment. To write the most excellent writing, keep an eye on such nuances. 


 What is the ideal format for writing a short essay? 

The most crucial part of writing any short essay is formatting it in the right manner and order. The parts that can be considered to be important while writing a short essay primarily focus on the words of your arguments.  

 Below is the format that you need to consider while writing – 


This paragraph is the most important section of any essay since it is the first thing that readers will have a glance at. This part needs to build the interest amongst your audience with precise thought and impressive words. Make sure to make it catchy as well as informative. 

 The first few sentences need to claim the urgency of the subject and the end part has to be a well-defined statement. 

 Main Body 

The main body covers most of the sections in a short essay, depicting the main ideas and supporting facts. For instance, if you are writing an essay with five paragraphs, 3 of them should be the main body. This is where you get the chance to put your argument. 

 Add quotations to your evidence with relevantly citing them in the required format. 


This is the last and final part of your short essay, showing ideas from the body with supporting the statement. The conclusion should close the question that you raised in the introduction section by providing a new view of the subject and satisfying the curiosity. 

How to write an excellent title for a short essay?  

When writing any content, it is important to compose the title with great consideration because it is the first thing that any reader sees. Similarly, while writing a short essay, the writer needs to follow certain steps that are specified for better effectiveness. 

  • Write the essay first, then the title. Make use of your content.  
  • Use clichés and common phrases that you can rework.  
  • Take into account the tone of your essay.
  • Make use of a quote or a primary idea.  


What are the main focus of a short essay? 

Like an editorial or article in a newspaper or magazine, a short essay is primarily intended to explain and clarify your grasp of and perspective on a particular issue.  

 A single apparent key idea should be the focus of an essay. There should be a distinct main idea or theme sentence in each paragraph. A logically ordered essay should flow effortlessly and “stick” together.  

 The following are four key points:  

  • A short essay should be 400-500 words lengthy and 1 to 2 pages long. The line spacing determines the number of pages.  
  • The essay must respond to the query or, in other words, the topic that has been provided to you. If necessary, you can express your opinions.  
  • When writing a brief essay, you must be pretty precise. As a result, you must have a thorough understanding of the subject.  
  • A short essay comprises three primary parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be no more than one paragraph long, and the body should be no more than three paragraphs long. 

What are the steps involved in writing a great short essay? 

When writing a short essay, you must follow the correct format, including an introductory paragraph with a solid and clear thesis statement, body paragraphs that expound on the ideas, and a conclusion summarizing the debate.  

 Step 1: 

 Before you begin writing, you must first identify what you will write about and conduct the necessary research.  

Step 2: 

 Make a plan and outline to specify you include everything in your content. 

Step 3: 

 Compose the first draft with the basic points that you have in your mind.  

Step 4: 

 Rewrite and revise your work once done for better clarity.  

Tips for writing a great short essay – 

Well, besides the basic guidelines, you can consider a few other things to make your essay look perfect. Since an essay is written for sharing thoughts or points of view, these pointers are incredibly helpful for making your content engaging as well as impactful.  

Come up with a topic and research it thoroughly – 

If your lecturer hasn’t given you a topic, you will have to do one independently. You must pick what style of essay writing you require based on the topic or research field you are investigating. After that, make a list of the main points to cover. 

Make a mental map of your thoughts – 

 To arrange your ideas, choose one of the most appropriate strategies for you. Consider how you can structure the primary concepts or topics you want to investigate in the article and how you can illustrate relationships between them after you’ve discovered them.  

Before you begin composing the material, double-check that you have sufficient knowledge. 

Read as much as you can on the chosen topic. It is essential to perform in the lowest amount of time to succeed with the essay’s substance. The paper’s foundation is built on relevant resources and respected experts, which boosts readers’ trust and openness to the information presented. 

Keep in mind the audience. 

It’s not always important to know how many paragraphs a short essay has, but it is important to know who will read it. Consider their perspective viewpoints, background knowledge on the subject, and other variables. To keep their interest and communicate your message completely, use appropriate stylistic methods. 

Create a compelling thesis statement – 

Remember that the main idea should be argumentative and evident for the audience to understand. In other words, the thesis statement should convey the significant purpose of an article. A statement should be divided into two parts: a summary of the topic (summative) and a paper addressing the main topics discussed in the essay.  

Focus on the significance of the body – 

Every major topic that you identified while drafting a paper plan or outline should now be explored in its body paragraph. Each paragraph should start with a concise topic phrase that introduces the concept. You will also need to come up with examples and drawings to back up your claim. 

Write the first paragraph of your essay – 

Keep in mind that an opening should have a hook that draws the audience’s attention to the entire topic. It’s best to write the introduction after you’ve finished writing the main body because it’ll be easier to order rationally. Furthermore, you will be able to compose it faster in this scenario.  

Write the final paragraph – 

Do not add any new concepts; instead, restate the primary arguments discussed throughout the work. Make the conclusion brief – no more than four or five phrases are needed.  

Finish the paper with the last strokes – 

Pay attention to the short essay style as you revise what you’ve written. Keep in mind that the concepts should be presented in order of priority, starting with the most significant and ending with the least important. Reread the directions and see whether your work offers any pertinent suggestions.  

What is the best way to end a short essay?  

The conclusion is all about a quick conversation regarding the short essay. For a better understanding, have a look at the points mentioned below – 

  • Return to your overarching argument to begin your conclusion, signaling that the essay is coming to a close.  
  • After that, remind the reader of the primary points you utilized to back up your claim.  
  • Avoid just summarizing each paragraph or repeating each argument in chronological sequence; instead, strive to connect your points in a way that makes the precise relationships between them.  
  • Zoom out to a broader picture of the topic and explore the consequences of your argument as you wrap up your conclusion.  
  • Try to end on a complete and conclusive note, leaving the reader with a lingering sense of curiosity about your subject.  
  • A short essay should not introduce any substantial new sources or ideas that require additional explanation.  
  • Avoid apologetic sentences that seem unsure or perplexed.  

Examples of short essays 

Reading several samples is always an excellent idea if you like to compose an essay on your own. These are free essays on various subjects that anyone can download and use for at least two purposes. 

For beginning with, good samples provide insight into how a high-quality essay is structured, how the arguments are organized, and what stylistic strategies are used, among other things. Such technical details can aid in the understanding of the proper structure, formatting, and other essential elements. 

Second, they can provide ideas for topics to write about, which features to emphasize, and how to keep readers engaged in the information. Find some fantastic examples and use them to write equally excellent papers. There is no payment for this service. They are yours to use as you like, but keep in mind that they are also available to others. It is not a good idea to submit them as your own. 

The Bottom Line – 

From this text, one may easily comprehend essay writing processes, their benefits, drawbacks, and conclusions. It will be beneficial to everyone to write a short essay with extreme ease. 

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